About Us

“Healing is central to personal growth. We are all healing from something all the time-physically, emotionally, or spiritually.”
-Dr. Wayne Diamond

A pioneer in the Natural Health Industry with a full-time, private practice for 35 years, Dr. Diamond combined psychotherapy and alternative medicine. He was passionate in his goal of supporting and maximizing the health and well-being of his patients worldwide.  Out of this passion came extensive research and development of natural formulas to provide safe and effective treatments for many different conditions…skin disorders, brain issues, eye concerns, anti-aging and more.

“Healing is central to personal growth. We are all healing from something all the time-physically, emotionally, or spiritually.” How we view the healing process reflects our courage, mental and physical strengths, focusing our ability, awareness levels and most of all empathy and love,” says Dr. Diamond. “I am always looking for what is possible in every session for people’s health, wellness, and awareness. Before I step into every session I carry a belief that there will be an inherent value that will benefit each person.  My job is to find it, support it and open every opportunity to solidify it. I support the best of what is there. Renewed health and therapy, like any educational process, is about illumination.”

This is story behind the Diamond Herpanacine of PA brand. The company was birthed out of Dr. Diamond’s incredible love and care for his patients and their families, while delivering amazing benefits and results. The first formula was what is now our most popular and award-winning product: Herpanacine Skin and Immune Support. With a history of raving reviews for its all-natural ingredients and favorable results, it became obvious for us to release Dr. Diamond’s other benefit-specific products to those who seek to improve their overall health without ingesting harsh ingredients.

Serving you with products you can trust is our mission to honor Dr. Diamond’s legacy.  We strive to keep refining our pledge of excellence in our formulas and our customer service. Our commitment to empowering you to find the appropriate natural means to be healthier and happier is at the top of our priority list. Thank you for this opportunity. We consider it a privilege!

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Keeping Our Formulations Clean

Diamond Formula products are gluten-free, allergen-free, and do not contain GMOs, artificial colors or flavors.