June is Beautiful in Your Skin Month

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Did you know that June is Beautiful in Your Skin month? Every June, across the US, people celebrate the idea of loving and enhancing their skin by opting for natural, healthy skincare routines. Quite frankly, at Diamond Herpanacine of PA, we celebrate Beautiful in Your Skin month – 365 days a year! That’s just what we do!

Since skin is the first thing anyone sees, feeling beautiful in yours is extremely important. Increase your confidence by supporting your own dermal health and wellness with tools that may help tackle issues such as blackheads, acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes and more

While skincare dates back for centuries, we have certainly moved way beyond the routines used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. While routines back then ranged from bathing in oils and wine, to sunscreens made from oil, milk and sand, todays best skincare steps remain the ones that come right from nature, and not synthetically formulated in a lab.

A few tips to remember all year skincare – –

CLEANSE and MOISTURIZE – Remember to use formulas made from natural, healthy ingredients minus parabens, dangerous and irritating excipients and fragrances. Excellent ingredients for natural skin care range from Vitamin C, peptides, electrolytes, and ceramides.

SUNSCREEN – A clean, natural mineral-based SPF should be applied daily, all year round. Sun and UV rays ages skin faster than anything and you need to protect it daily. Where you cannot cover your skin with sunscreen, try wearing protective clothing like hats, long sleeves, etc.….

HYDRATE – Drink lots of water! Staying adequately hydrated helps keep your skin moisturized, healthy, and glowing. While eight (8-ounce) glasses per day is the general guideline, water intake does vary per person.

EXERCISE – Exercise is good for the whole body AND your peace of mind. It also increases blood flow throughout the body, thereby bringing vital oxygen, nutrients and minerals to the skin for that beautiful glow!

REST – Like our entire body, skin is absolutely affected by sleep! Poor sleep patterns can wreak havoc on your skin. Research has shown that poor sleep quality can contribute to increased signs of skin aging including fine lines and wrinkles.

EAT HEALTHY – Eat a healthy diet with foods rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. Some skin loving foods are avocados, seeds, nuts, salmon, chia seeds, olive oil, and whole eggs. Fruits and veggies are also great for skin. Avoid sugar, fried and processed foods along with other skin irritating foods as much as possible.

SUPPLEMENT – Skin nutrients are an important addition to your skincare regime. You might want to try a good collagen supplement and Herpanacine Skin & Immune Support which is filled with important skin nutrients.

While you don’t need to spend hours on a skincare regime, taking a few minutes out of your day, every day to make your beautiful skin shine brighter is an awesome thing… So get started in June, but then join us in making skincare a priority 365 days a year! Enjoy Beautiful In Your Skin month and always feel beautiful in your own skin! xo


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