International Women’s Day Celebration

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Today and every day, we celebrate inspiring, innovative, and hardworking women around the world on International Women’s Day. Some may ask how we can best support women in their careers, their lives and their relationships? While all genders need and deserve support, here are some ways you can support the incredible women around you.

Check yourself – look at your own biases and inner thoughts and adjust if needed. Pay attention to what you are saying and thinking to insure you are reinforcing fairness to all, including women. Many people view high achieving men and high achieving women differently. Don’t fall into that category.

Be present for the women around you. If you sense something is wrong, it possibly is. If you understand more about challenges and struggles of the women around you, it could be extremely helpful in supporting their needs.

Be proactive and support women by creating opportunities for them. Support equal rights, equal pay, benefits, and respect in your workplace, your home and your life. At work, if you have the opportunity, try opening doors to new projects or departments for women and give them the space they need to succeed.

Always speak up and out against injustice towards all genders, including women. If you hear inappropriate statements towards women in any aspect of work, family life, etc., speak out and say, “No, this is not appropriate behavior.” Help redirect and praise the good. Advocating for others is an excellent way to contribute to a positive environment for everyone.

Women can advocate for themselves but surrounded by a community rich with healthy respect and equality makes that community stronger, more successful and much more resilient. 

Have a happy International Women’s Day!



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