Buy Yourself the Flowers


How often do you buy yourself flowers? Most people would say never. But that really should change. We all seem to wait for beautifully scented bouquets to be gifted to us on our birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion. The bottom line is, why wait? Even an inexpensive few blossoms placed in a bud vase can have a positive effect on you, your mood and your happiness. That all will affect your heath. So, go ahead and splurge. We all should remind ourselves that we are special.

You can consider buying yourself flowers as self-care. As we always tell our customers… self-care is NOT selfish. Just like you prioritize self-care with a long hot shower, or spend five extra minutes applying lotion and creams, or sipping your favorite tea while reading in your favorite chair, buying yourself flowers can give you the same calming, positive mood as any other steps towards self-care and self-love.

If you’ve had a bad day, feel exhausted by a stressful situation, or just feel blue, buying yourself flowers can be an instant mood enhancer. The enjoyment of lovely blooms and the sweet aroma can continue to spread happiness in your space for days. Nature has a calming effect on us and can bring a peaceful ease to our days.

While someone might congratulate us for successes with flowers, again, why not congratulate yourself? Complete a huge project, achieved a goal, or learn something new? Congratulate yourself! You deserve it. You worked hard. You do not need to wait for others to reward you. Reward yourself. Our lives are hectic, but prioritizing ourselves is healthy and positive part of life.

A fresh bouquet of flowers can also brighten every space! Grab some flowers to add color to any room, bring beauty to your décor and/or add a beautiful fragrance to your rooms. I personally love a vibrant bouquet filled with aromatic purples flowers (my favorite) by the front door as it makes me smile the moment, I walk in my house. Enjoy flowers at home, work or anywhere you spend time.

So, buy yourself the flowers! It is calming, loving gift to yourself that helps bring you happiness and well-being. It is also empowering as you don’t need to wait for someone else to get them for you. So, if flowers bring you happiness and you have a few dollars to splurge, do it. You deserve happiness, self-love and praise.


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