Doctors’ Dialogue: Herpes and the Mind-Body Connection

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By Dr. Wayne C. Diamond

Dr. Diamond has had a naturopathic medicine practice for 26 years in Philadelphia.

For the past twenty six years, I have combined my work as a Naturopathic Physician and a Psychotherapist. In my research, it became quite apparent that there are very definite psycho-neurological, nutritional, and glandular processes that stimulate the herpes viruses.

Anyone who has ever experienced herpes outbreaks probably realizes that this condition can be strongly stimulated by stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety cause the body to undergo dramatic changes, one of which is the elevation of body temperature. At these times, temperatures can rise up to one full degree, and this reaction interferes with nutrient absorption. Excessive heat may cause evaporation of some of the nutrients before they can be absorbed. It may also cause nutrients to break down so finely that digestive enzymes won’t work on them, therefore the nutrients are not absorbed properly. When deprived of this needed nutrition, the body will elevate acid levels both in concentration and amount. The stomach will have far more acid than needed to break down food, and the excess will be absorbed into the bloodstream. Once the over-acid blood reaches the soft tissue of the body, it becomes an extremely powerful irritant, especially in areas where the herpes virus is present. These areas are the mouth, sexual organs, or in the case of herpes zoster, inflamed or irritated tissue anywhere on the body.

It became absolutely clear in my research that there are two types of stress that stimulate the mind-body process:

First, internalized emotions, which is a pattern of not expressing feelings in times of conflict.

Second, indecision or ambivalence will set this mind-body process in motion. Indecision and ambivalence affect people in a different, yet related, way. With my patients I have found that when acid levels do rise, the functioning of the glandular system, which controls immune function, will be greatly reduced. This occurs because the elevated acid levels limit the flow of blood to the glands and limit the distribution of enzymes that activate the immune system. The herpes virus now has an ideal environment to produce an outbreak.

Of course, we all have stress at times, but by understanding how it effects us, we can try to reduce its effects, maintain a healthy mind-body connection, and achieve overall mental and physical health. Another critical aspect in controlling herpes is proper nutrition. It is essential. My research led me to develop a specialized nutritional program for people who have any form of herpes. One of the important elements of this program is the issue of pH (acid/alkalinity). I found that when I started working with a patient who complained about outbreaks, usually he was consuming large quantities of acid or acid-producing foods. When I saw this occurring with a large number of patients, I realized that I had to develop an alkaline-focused nutritional program. Here is a comprehensive nutritional program to help prevent herpes outbreak:

Eat plenty of green vegetables, grains, brown rice, pasta (use white or pesto sauces instead of tomato), yams, salads (use only a small amount of dressing), and non-citrus fruit.

For protein, fish and fowl are best, especially in colder weather. Vegetable proteins such as beans, tofu, and tempeh (cultured soybeans) are the best.

Avoid alcohol, white sugar and flour, the seasoning monosodium glutamate (MSG), white potatoes, fried foods, red meat, tomato products, shellfish, eggplant, green pepper, hard cheese, excessive dairy products (more than once a day), vinegar (use only small amounts), black tea, coffee, and citrus fruit. These foods have a high acid content and stimulate the body to produce excessive hydrochloric acid (HCL) to facilitate the digestive process.

Avoid drinking while eating. It interferes with proper digestion and promotes high acid buildup in the stomach.

Another important digestive aid is to eat slowly and chew well.
As a naturopathic physician, I work with the whole person, their nutritional needs and the use of vitamin and herb supplements to balance their bodily systems. As I worked with my herpes patients and gathered information on the disease, I began to develop a special formula. It is an all-natural blend of vitamins and herbs formulated to prevent chronic viral and bacterial skin eruptions. It is an effective way to help supply the nutritional support that can inhibit and overcome devastating skin and health infections, and promote continued skin health.

The skin is a mirror of your overall health, and the state of our health is reflected in our lives at home and in the workplace.

Dr. Wayne Diamond is a Naturopath and a Psychotherapist in full time practice for 26 years in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Diamond has researched and developed natural formulas, Diamond Etern-L Anti-Aging formula, Diamond MIND for mental clarity, Healthy Horizons Stress Fighting Multi and Herpanacine Skin Support System. For more information call (888) 467-4200.

This article was written by Dr. Diamond in discussion of his findings throughout his career. They are strictly his thoughts and are not intended as a diagnoses to any issues.

* This article has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and is not meant to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease.


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