DIY Tick Repellents

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One of the best things about summer is enjoying the outdoors and experiencing nature. One of the worst things about summer is enjoying nature but having to deal with bug bites and ticks!

Here are some safe, easy-to-make bug and tick repellent recipes that you can quickly whip up at home. The ingredients include pure, quality essential oils with no harsh chemicals. Not only do essential oils smell great, but they are also known to be effective, natural bug and tick repellents. Bugs often dislike strong smells like lemon, orange, cinnamon, lavender, peppermint, and rose geranium, so they avoid latching on to anything that smells of those items. We recommend using quality, organic essential oils in any of these mixtures.

Simply mix the ingredients and store in a spray bottle or covered container. To use: Spray clothing, shoes, tents, bags and more. Use caution when applying essential oils directly to skin. Some may cause irritation. Reduce to half-strength for children.

Check out these five different natural repellent recipes and see which works best for you and your family.

1 oz distilled water, Witch Hazel, or lotion
7 drops Geranium
4 drops Peppermint
4 drops Thyme
4 drops Cedarwood or Lavender

1 oz distilled water, Witch Hazel, or lotion
10 drops Geranium
4 drops Eucalyptus
4 drops Lavender
4 drops Lemongrass

1 cup distilled water
¼ cup Witch Hazel
¼ cup Apple Cider Vinegar
8 drops Geranium
6 drops Eucalyptus oil
4 drops Cedarwood oil
4 drops Rosemary oil
2 drops Citronella oil
4 drops Lemongrass oil
2 drops Peppermint oil

Apple cider is a wonderful natural remedy for so many things and it also helps to repel bugs and ticks. Can safely be sprayed on clothing, exposed skin, even lawn furniture.
1 cup of water
4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons of organic neem oil
2 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil

9 drops citronella essential oil
6 drops Tea Tree essential oil
6 drops Peppermint essential oil
1 tablespoon almond oil or jojoba oil

Other thoughts, Neem oil is safe for exposed human skin and can also safely be sprayed on dogs when diluted. It doesn’t have a great aroma, but it is something that is very successful in repelling most bugs. In addition, many will put a few drops of neem oil directly on a tick that has attached to the skin and find it will release right away.

Eucalyptus oil is another oil that when diluted, is very safe for use on skin and pet coats. It is also very effective with repelling or killing ticks and other bugs.

Another natural attack on pesky ticks and bugs is… Garlic! Categorized botanically as a vegetable, garlic provides countless health benefits for your entire body. However, regular consumption of garlic or garlic supplements can reduce your risk of tick bites. The odor excreted from the body after regular consumption of garlic is one that ticks hate! Who knew?


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