Check out some of our favorite herbs and spices for cooking and for your medicine cabinet!


Herbs and spices have been used in cooking and natural medicine for thousands of years. And while many herbs offer great flavor for your culinary enjoyment, history shows that many of nature’s herbs may also offer a bevy of excellent health benefits. Long before modern medicine, early civilizations trusted herbs and spices for their healing properties. So, while we can’t legally claim that anything natural will diagnose, treat, or cure anything health wise… we can share some of our favorite herbs that history shows can have awesome benefits! So, when spicing up your meals, and taking your supplements, here are some great places to start!


Turmeric is a hot topic in both kitchens and medicine cabinets, and there are good reasons for that! Beyond being a delicious addition to your curries and savory meals, here are a few reasons why turmeric is one of the top ingredients in Natural Medicine.

Contains Curcumin

Powerful antioxidant

Important anti-Inflammatory benefits

Immune boosting

Supports brain function

Improves mood


Related to turmeric, ginger is another versatile spice with countless uses. It is popular in cooking, brewed in teas, and used to add healthier, tastier benefits to your drinking water like:

Helps with bloating

Can help relieve nausea, diarrhea and stomach upset

Powerful antioxidant

Supports brain health

Nausea and gastrointestinal issues

Fights infections and inflammation

Rich in polyphenols, B6, vitamin C, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, and iron.


Cinnamon is as delicious as it is good for you! It’s wonderful in savory recipes, but also tastes yummy when sprinkled on yogurt, oatmeal, healthy desserts or in some comforting, warm tea. Here’s why people love this incredible herbs!

Powerful antioxidant


Widely used to support insulin levels

Used in brain support

Helps with cramps and stomach discomfort


An excellent flavor enhancer, popular part of a Mediterranean diet and important supplement/oil! Here are some of the uses.

Immune support

Regulate blood sugar

Used with UTI issues

Used with menstrual cramps


A popular addition to teas, desserts and savory dishes. Cardamom also has other health benefits.

Supports the bowel system

Blood sugar support

Healthy for headaches

Chili Pepper

Chili pepper is a wonderful way to spice things up! But beyond putting a kick in your cuisine, chili pepper has shown to be healthy too.

Contains beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E

Helps with congestion

Helps with weight loss

Helps with inflammatory issues


Nutmeg’s nutty flavor is loved and used in many recipes for savory and sweet recipes. It has also been used for it’s many health benefits for centuries.

Vitamin B6

Helps with digestion

Helps to detox

Good for skin

Support immune system

Good for circulation


Saffron is another herb that is widely used in the kitchen and in natural medicine. It offers color, aroma and flavorful benefits to your food and to your health.

Supports healthy mood

Improve sleep habits

Helps with PMS and anxiety

Helps reduce appetite


Rosemary is an attractive, aromatic, and healthy herb. While it can be used fresh, ground, brewed in a tea or in an oil, the fresh rosemary offers the most benefits to your health.

Contains vitamins A, B6, C, folate and thiamin

Commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties

Aids in digestion and bowel regularity

High in fiber


Ground cumin and cumin seeds are staples in many recipes. Its earthy flavor can enhancing many recipes.

Great for digestion

Important antioxidant

Immune support

Used for respiratory support

Rich in vitamin E


Another popular herb is peppermint which is widely used as a flavoring agent, in teas and to support your health!

Antibacterial properties

Improves digestion

Supports the heart and lungs

Found effective as a muscle relaxant when used topically in an ointment.

Inhaled use is good for bronchial passages


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