Maintaining Skin Health

By Dr. Wayne C. Diamond The skin is the largest organ in the body, and in many ways, the most sensitive. It responds to the environment, toxicity, what is eaten, glandular changes affecting the immune system, and certainly, to stress. To support good skin health, all of the above issues must be addressed, but it […]

Doctors’ Dialogue: Herpes and the Mind-Body Connection

By Dr. Wayne C. Diamond Dr. Diamond has had a naturopathic medicine practice for 26 years in Philadelphia. For the past twenty six years, I have combined my work as a Naturopathic Physician and a Psychotherapist. In my research, it became quite apparent that there are very definite psycho-neurological, nutritional, and glandular processes that stimulate […]

Aging Gracefully – The Natural Way

By Dr. Wayne C. Diamond The population of the world is rapidly aging. Because of this powerful dynamic, the interest in understanding, and slowing down the aging process, has become of paramount important for the vast segment of the population. This interest is quite exciting, because the technology of using herbs and vitamins to slow […]